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Build a Shelter Incursion – group 2- Monday 7th August


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Level 1&2 design and build impressive shelters…


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Today Level 1 and 2 students became planners, designers and builders and more importantly had to show plenty of ability to negotiate and work as a team. Ryan and Iain from Supreme Incursions provided us with an incursion involving building shelters. Groups of students under the direction of a peer leader were provided with some building materials (basically a tarp, couple of poles, some sandbags and a few pieces of rope) and $200 to purchase additional building materials. Their goal was to provide a shelter that:

  • fit all team members
  • protects them from the rain
  • protects them from the wind
  • cost less than $200 and
  • could stand up on it’s own. 

Certainly no easy feat especially with the cold wind and occasional drenching of rain!

Using the school playground to assist, all groups were able to create a shelter that met the criteria, though some with greater success than others!. Overall Ryan and Iain were super impressed with our efforts and our shelters were very creative and successful. We loved the incursion!

View the video of our efforts and let us know what you think!

AFL Cup visits 2BC


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Thanks to Michaela’s mum and dad, 2BC got closer to the AFL cup than most of the 100,000 people who will be at the Grandfinal this year AND we didn’t have to pay anything!

On Grandfinal Day 2BC students can boast that they were the VERY first to see the cup as it was unpacked in front of our eyes.

We just couldn’t agree on what colour ribbon would be hanging around the trophy!!!


Maths tools to support Maths at Home


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Spinners          Note: Up to 4 spinners can be selected with a number range 2-12

Online dice  Note: Up to  3 dice can be selected

100 counting chart     Note: Year 2 students should be working towards confidently

counting by 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 10’s forwards and backwards.

Term 3 in 2BC


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Welcome back to our students and their families! We look forward to sharing our teaching and learning  through student work samples, reflections and photos.


Last Day of Term 2 Friday 30 June


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Last day of Term 2 will be Friday 30th June.  Please have a happy and safe holiday, we look forward to seeing you all back for Term 3 on Monday 17th July.

Maria and Rosemary

Geometry in 2BC


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Digital literacy in 2BC


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2BC practiced both their spelling and digital literacy skills today when they created Word Clouds for their

‘th voiced’ and ‘th voiceless’ words

and then learned to upload them into their personal folder on the Google Drive.

Check out some of our creative Word clouds: 

And later on in the day in our STEM lesson we began to learn how to CODE.  Coding is telling a computer how to perform tasks. It’s the step by step instructions that tells a computer what to do.  Coding  encourages students to problem solve  and think creatively and critically.


The  site we used for coding was Hour of Code – Code.org. 

Ask your child to show you how it’s done.  Visit the site by clicking on the link:   CodeSpark Academy with The Foos

Just One Day Workshop


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Just One Day – A campaign which challenges primary school students and their families to live simply. 

Some of the 2BC’s reflections on today’s ‘Just One Day’ workshop in preparation for next Tuesday.

I thought that compared to people that don’t have much we are rich. They had to sweep the floor with straw brushes. They have to carry jerry cans full of water on the heads! Jerrycans that weigh 20 litres! Some of them don’t even have homes! They have to play with plastic bag balls as soccer balls. They have rice for lunch and they have no breakfast! I learnt that some people don’t have good lives as people like us. Lucy  

I learnt that some people have old small toys and nothing else and their soccer balls are made of plastic bags and string.   Archie

I mostly enjoyed playing at the workshop doing all those games the children play in poor countries. I felt worried about those poor children playing the same games every day.  Mia

I was astonished because they carry a jerrycan with 20 litres of water in it. I think if I was one of them I wouldn’t be able to carry it.  Mason 

At the “Just One Day “workshop we pretended to be poor people so that we can understand that people like them don’t have things like us but really I feel sorry for those children who have to carry 20 litre jerrycans of water! Isabella

I felt sad the people have to live in poverty.I was shocked that so few countries in the world are fully wealthy. It was interesting that more than half of the world is in poverty. Iggy

I realised that we are so lucky because we get clean water and if the poor want any water they have to go down to the river or the creek and sometimes the water is dirty.  Ruth

The toilet is a hole that is in the ground. That is so sad!  Elizabeth

 I especially loved doing the soccer (with the plastic bag ball) because we were trying to understand what it felt like for poor people. Because they just want their life like us.  Zara 

I don’t want to have breakfast at school like them. I hope they get some help.  Max

It felt different to put a bucket of water on your head and it felt different to play soccer with a different ball that was made of plastic bags. We’re lucky! Jaxon

We heard about a poor girl called Phoebe.A shocking thing is that she has nine sisters and no dad! Rhys

The benefits of 20 minutes Home Reading Time with your child……..


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Hello 2BC Parents,

The pictures, statistics and information on these posters are quite powerful evidence of the importance of regular home reading. 

We have been encouraging you to spend a short period of time, after your child has read, asking them questions that will develop deeper and more meaningful understanding of the text.  Just a couple of questions from you will give you some insight into how well your child has understood what they have read and an opportunity for you to share some literary discussion with them. It WILL benefit your child’s reading development greatly.




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