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Level 1 & 2 Inquiry Photo Gallery


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I am sure the parents who were able to come and view the creative photographic images that the 1BC students created this term for our Inquiry unit, ‘Healthy Me – Mind, Body and Soul,’ were impressed by the standard of the finished products.

Mrs. Barrie and Mrs. Cussen were very proud of the team work, the creativity, the thinking and the responsibility shown by the students to produce the best they could.

If you were not able to come please enjoy the digital gallery of photos below.


Mrs. Cussen -You HALVED the SIZE of the Students!


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Absent – Chanel   Joseph  Olivia

Half of Me!


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On Thursday in 1BC we had an interesting situation… we all began to shrink! In the end all of us were half our original size. How could this be??? Ask your children as they know what happened.

Fortunately when we walked out of the classroom we all returned to our normal size!

Mrs. Cussen shrunk first, followed quickly by the students. Photos were taken as each student became ‘Half of me!’

Attached is proof of Mrs. Cussen shrinking, the student photos will follow!

Freddy Fraction’s Funny Farm


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Today in Maths our learning intention was to: “Create some funny animals that have legs that are half as long as their body” 

What we used:  unifix cubes, blutac, animal faces and tails and lots of creativity and mathematical thinking.

What we learnt: “You have to always use an even number of unifix blocks for the body so that each leg can have the same number of blocks.”

The end product on display in our classroom for a week is this…………………………………..

We encourage you to talk to your children about this work. They had lots of fun!


Freddy Fraction

PS My farm is now full of noise and very confused animals – are they the ‘head’ animal or are they the ‘tail’ animal????

Reflecting on our Fresh Food Discovery Tour


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After our excursion to the ‘Fresh Food Discovery Tour at Woolworths’ in Kew today, we used a PMI graphic organiser to reflect on our experiences.  Here are some of  1BC’s reflections….

P (Plusses) M (Minuses)

I (Interesting)

I liked that we got to eat free fruit

I got to eat strawberries

I got to eat blueberries

I got to eat a banana

We went by tram

We got to choose a fruit to take back to school

We saw how they made cupcakes 

The bakery smelt nice


We didn’t get to eat any of the food in the bakery

When I put my hand up they didn’t ask me

In the bakery we couldn’t eat the cupcakes

We didn’t get to eat any fish or prawns

I didn’t like the fish

The freezer was really freezing

They cook 80 – 100 chickens a day

The cooked chickens only last for 4 hours a day

The big machine that squashed the boxes was cool

There are gold kiwi fruit

You can tell a pineapple is ripe if you can pull out one of its leaves

There are Sumo mandarins 

Strawberries have their seeds on the outside









Our Buddies are ‘Budding’ Authors


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1BC Book Week Characters


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Thank you to all parents who helped to dress their children in a wide range of book characters. We certainly had many, many different characters from children’s books. Year 1 and 2 have enjoyed a variety of fun reading rotations this week – participating in a class Children’s Book Trivia Quiz, making a treasure chest to remind them that books really are a treasure that can enhance our lives, our learning and our relaxation time and also a Thelma the Unicorn activity preparing them for a visit from Thelma(s) at the Book Parade!!

Buddies, Animals and lots of Smiles!


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Thank you to Mr.Dodds for sharing his love and knowledge of the school’s animals with us. Many 1BC  students were very happy to introduce themselves to the lizard and turtles but some students were happier staying pretty close to Mrs. Cussen!

We have enjoyed lots of Buddy time with 3D this semester and this will be ongoing for the rest of the year.

1BC are ready for a SUPER Concert Performance this week.


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1BC students have been practicing  their dance, singing and stage presence, ready to present a super performance. 

They will ‘Live a little….,’ on stage and then fall asleep going home in the car!

…….Watch out for those UNDERPANTS!

We are looking forward to sharing  the students’ “performance learning” on:

Tuesday 1st May and Thursday 3rd May.

Concert begins 7pm but students are required to be at

Genazzano by 6:20pm.

**Mrs. Barrie and Mrs. Cussen will have all the costumes with them and students will change out of them before they go home on both nights. Please make sure students wear warm clothes.

Looks like Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Gridley and Mrs. Tierney are enjoying getting into the action also!


Year 1’s Participation in Earth Day


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The purpose of celebrating Earth Day is to bring to light the power we have to make a positive impact on our environment. Earth Day was officially on Saturday 22nd April, however OLGC celebrated it a day early.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders………… Now that’s a powerful statement and by what we saw today, given the knowledge, tools and opportunity, our Year 1’s will want to contribute their energies to a greener world.

A sample of the suggested activities on the Earth Day website were:

Form a “green team” at your school to promote sustainability.

Compost kitchen scraps for use in your garden — turning waste into fertilizer.

Join a local park, river or beach clean-up.

So, Year 1’s took these simple and easy tips to help ‘Go Green,’ and cleaned up the grass area by picking up every spiked green ball that was on the ground and spreading them along the tree bed that runs along the back of the area. Meanwhile Mrs. Cussen was busy raking into piles a ‘mountain’ of autumn leaves that the students then collected in tubs and again spread along the garden bed. This ‘Green’ activity served many purposes:

  1. The notion of returning to the earth what has come from the earth in the form of food for the trees. Just add sunshine and water and the trees will look healthier than ever in the spring.
  2. A practical example of how seven and eight-year olds can use some of their energy to care for the school environment (and no reason why this could not apply at home too!)
  3. Pride in an amazing job, successfully done in a team context
  4. Caring for our school environment instills a sense of pride
  5. Fresh autumn air, sunshine, exercise and no technology devices are a healthy alternative to sedentary inside activities

PS … and the best part of all is we had FUN together!

PSS… Thanks to Mrs. Psyhogios for the photos!





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