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Buddies, Animals and lots of Smiles!


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Thank you to Mr.Dodds for sharing his love and knowledge of the school’s animals with us. Many 1BC  students were very happy to introduce themselves to the lizard and turtles but some students were happier staying pretty close to Mrs. Cussen!

We have enjoyed lots of Buddy time with 3D this semester and this will be ongoing for the rest of the year.

1BC are ready for a SUPER Concert Performance this week.


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1BC students have been practicing  their dance, singing and stage presence, ready to present a super performance. 

They will ‘Live a little….,’ on stage and then fall asleep going home in the car!

…….Watch out for those UNDERPANTS!

We are looking forward to sharing  the students’ “performance learning” on:

Tuesday 1st May and Thursday 3rd May.

Concert begins 7pm but students are required to be at

Genazzano by 6:20pm.

**Mrs. Barrie and Mrs. Cussen will have all the costumes with them and students will change out of them before they go home on both nights. Please make sure students wear warm clothes.

Looks like Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Gridley and Mrs. Tierney are enjoying getting into the action also!


Year 1’s Participation in Earth Day


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The purpose of celebrating Earth Day is to bring to light the power we have to make a positive impact on our environment. Earth Day was officially on Saturday 22nd April, however OLGC celebrated it a day early.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders………… Now that’s a powerful statement and by what we saw today, given the knowledge, tools and opportunity, our Year 1’s will want to contribute their energies to a greener world.

A sample of the suggested activities on the Earth Day website were:

Form a “green team” at your school to promote sustainability.

Compost kitchen scraps for use in your garden — turning waste into fertilizer.

Join a local park, river or beach clean-up.

So, Year 1’s took these simple and easy tips to help ‘Go Green,’ and cleaned up the grass area by picking up every spiked green ball that was on the ground and spreading them along the tree bed that runs along the back of the area. Meanwhile Mrs. Cussen was busy raking into piles a ‘mountain’ of autumn leaves that the students then collected in tubs and again spread along the garden bed. This ‘Green’ activity served many purposes:

  1. The notion of returning to the earth what has come from the earth in the form of food for the trees. Just add sunshine and water and the trees will look healthier than ever in the spring.
  2. A practical example of how seven and eight-year olds can use some of their energy to care for the school environment (and no reason why this could not apply at home too!)
  3. Pride in an amazing job, successfully done in a team context
  4. Caring for our school environment instills a sense of pride
  5. Fresh autumn air, sunshine, exercise and no technology devices are a healthy alternative to sedentary inside activities

PS … and the best part of all is we had FUN together!

PSS… Thanks to Mrs. Psyhogios for the photos!






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Did you know…

girl on pile of books            If you read just 15 minutes a day, in one year you will have read over 1,000,000 words. It all adds up so make sure you are reading!!! 


The pictures, statistics and information on the poster below are quite powerful evidence of the importance of regular home reading. 

After your child has read we  encourage you to spend some time asking them questions about the text.  This will assist them to develop deeper and more meaningful understanding of texts.  Just a couple of questions from you will give you some insight into how well your child has understood what they have read and provides an opportunity for you to share some literary discussion with them. It WILL benefit your child’s reading development greatly. Use the questions below as a guide to your questioning with fictional texts.

The Adventures of Super Sam….


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With only one week left until the production….

PRACTISE , PRACTISE    and more PRACTISE is the key.

Please use the following links to practise 1BC’s songs.


Anti – Gravity pants…


Live a Little …

and as they say in the theatrical world ..let’s hope 1BC will

“break a leg!” 


Happy Easter!


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We wish all our students and families a very happy Easter.

1BC students … you rock! You have walked into Year 1 and accepted the challenge of  new work, 2 new teachers and a new working environment. Well done!

Parents, thank you for your support… we have enjoyed getting to know so many new families this term!

Have a safe and relaxing holiday…. enjoy some chocolate and some sleep-ins!!!

We will see you all back at school on Monday 16th April.

Mrs. Barrie and Mrs. Cussen

Caritas fundraising and Green Day all day!


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We had an amazing array of GREEN cupcakes, smiley face biscuits and jelly to sell last Friday.

Many, many thanks to the parents who contributed such lovely food and to our Class reps who worked diligently behind the scenes to make sure that no student, (or teacher!) missed out on such delicious green treats.

We are very grateful for your support of Level 1 & 2’s Social Justice fundraising event. We are confident that the people of Nepal will also be most grateful for the OLGC donation via Caritas Australia.

NEWS FLASH JUST IN!      Amount raised $825.15 – Many hands have resulted in a fantastic amount of money being raised!



Great Maths website to support current teaching and learning


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These areas are the focus for our Maths at the moment –



Year 1&2 Social Justice Fundraising for Caritas Australia- Friday March 16


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Casual Green Clothes Day – Celebrating   ♣  St Patrick’s Day ♣

at  OLGC on Friday 16 March 

Food Stalls at recess selling GREEN Cup Cakes, Funny Face Biscuits and Jelly

Cost – $1.00 for everything

RAISING FUNDS to support the buying of goats by Caritas Australia for the people of Nepal.

Thank you to our Year 1 and 2 students who advertised this event at Friday’s assembly, in such an engaging manner!



1BC’s Concert songs


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Our school concert  preparation is well under way with all classes being timetabled in for a dancing practice and also a singing practice. Mrs. Gridley teaches the students the dance movements and Miss MacKinnon helps us to sing our very best.   

The students are very keen to have this music at home so they can sing and dance, at their very best at the concert.   

CONCERT DATES: Tuesday May 1st and Thursday May 3rd                                                       

  Live a Little..                     

                     Gravity Pants…                                           

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